• airLock Vacuum Sealer Family Pack

The Airlock Vacuum Sealer Family Pack allows you to store those larger items.
Your Pack Includes The Airlock Sealer Bundle and 2 Large Bags



The airLock is an environmentally friendly food vacuum sealer that fits in perfectly in your kitchen for every day use, plus excellent for caravan, camping, boating and traveling!
Using a manual hand pump (no batteries or electricity required) and the totally re-usable vacuum sealing bags, anyone can use the airLock vacuum sealers, anywhere and anytime to vacuum seal fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and much much more.
airLock keeps your foods fresher for up to eight times longer and significantly reduces the impact on the enviroment compared to normal vacuum sealing machines with non re-usable bags.
The airLock vacuum sealing system is fast, easy to use, portable, also space saving and inexpensive. It will help to prevent food wastage and protect your food from freezer burn and harmful bacteria.
More over the airLock system has an excellent reputation and comes witha six months warranty on the vacuum bags.








USE IT when:

  • refrigerating and/or freezing cheese, vegetables, (dried & semi-dried) fruits, meats, fish & other foods!
  • storing cereals, flour, rice, peanuts, cookies, coffee, tea, sweets & bread!
  • storing fishing bait!
  • boating to keep your valuables (mobile phone, keyes, money, etc.) safe & waterproof!
  • traveling to prevent your cosmetics from leaking in your luggage!
  • defrosting & re-heating foods in the microwave


HOW TO re-use it:

  1. Open up the bag by unsealing the zip-lock
  2. Turn the bag inside out
  3. Wash the bag out with hot soapy water or clean it in the dish-washer
  4. Add white vinegar to prevent bad odors (if needed)
  5. Dry bag with tea towel
  6. Now it is ready to be re-used!



  • Fast and easy
  • Space saving
  • Non-electric/no batteries required
  • Daily use at home
  • Kid‘s lunchbox
  • Caravans and 4WDs
  • Fishing, boating & Camping
  • Keeps meats, fish, fruit and vegetables fresher up to 8 times longer
  • Protects from freezer burn
  • Protects from harmful bacteria
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Microwavable (additionally in boiling water)
  • Product is Food Safe & does not contain BPA
  • 6 months warranty on the bags




CONTENTS of the airLock Vacuum Family Pack:

  • Manual handpump
  • Sealing clip (a.k.a. doovalacky)
  • 3 small vacuum bags (Dimensions: 180mm x 250mm)
  • 1 replacement box set (5 x small bags & 5 x Medium bags 210mm x 290mm)
  • Maintenance leaflet
  • 2 large vacuum bags (Dimensions: 260mm x 320mm)



This product has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Passed Hazardous Material Inspection
STC Test Completed - BPA FREE (Food safe plastics used)
Recyclable - Made in Korea

airLock Vacuum Sealer Family Pack

  • Brand: airLock
  • Product Code: ALSKFP
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $85.00

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